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What our patients say about us -
'It is a great relief to find locally someone in whom I have great confidence. This, in my opinion, is the greatest attribute to find in a physiotherapist '
'I was very pleased with the treatment I received at the practice. I feel the treatment has helped me'
'Ross is a consummate professional. The treatment he gave me was very effective with an excellent outcome'
'I found my treatment to be very thorough and very professional. My neck is better now than it has been for years'
'Very helpful and a first class place'
'Many thanks for your excellent treatment and care'
'Seems to be helping, definitely worth the visits. Ross has been very helpful'
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'Ross is like a magician because I had a leg pain and he worked out it was my back; did his magic work on it; showed me a few exercises to do, which I did religiously and now my leg pain is gone. thank you for everythng'
'The sessions have proved very helpful. The exercises were easy to follow and very productive. It is lovely to be pain free and back in control. Thank you'
'I had just about given up on future mobility, and thought I'd be limping for life. Now, I am able to go for my evening walks again, and going up and down the stairs isn't nearly as much of a pain as before. Thank you, Ross. Your clients in England are very lucky to have you'
'Excellent treatment from start to finish. Well recommended'
'Excellent - achieved the impossible!! Many thanks'
'Treatment went well, advice given helps, always relaxing'
'Thank you so much for making me feel better. I managed to go to Glastonbury and G.. proposed to me, so without your help I would still not be engaged!'
'Explaining how my muscles work and teaching me how to use them properly and manipulating my joints, means I am without pain and beginning to move properly again; thank you so much'
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